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RE: stop xwindows from loading at boot

I'm drawing a blank to your specific question right now... but, 

Should all take you to console terminals, while Alt-ctrl-F7 will take
you back to the GDM login screen.

Obviously if you're not going to be using X at all, you don't even want
it running to save resources, but that should be a start for you.

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Subject: stop xwindows from loading at boot

apologies if i have sent this twice...

hi all,

sorry if this is a dumb / old question,
i have just completed a debian install on an old dell laptop, and have 
succesfully got xWindows / GDE to launch at startup. however... i didn't

configure the mouse properly, so everytime i boot into debian, i'm 
confronted with a desktop i can't use. therefore, i was wondering if 
there is any way i can get back to the console at boot in anyway? bear 
in mind i can't just quit gnome, as my mouse doesn't work.



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