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Re: Help on RAID (sarge RC2) - newbie

On Tue, 8 Feb 2005, kaupolikan@NOSPAMlibero.it wrote:

> So the problem depends on the fact that the kernel I'm using (2.4.27) do not
> have RAID support compiled in it, right  ?

how about more details ... uname -a
> What should I do to rebuild the initrd.img file ?

if raiding is fun ... building a custom initrd.img is even more fun 

it's easier to simply rebuild the kernel with raid support or to 
find a new kernel for your hw w/ raid turn on

just depends on which pond of problems you want to solve

> It's incredible that there isn't any step-by-step guide on how to configure a
> simple software raid on Debian using mdadm tool...

there is .. where did you look ??

more docs .. examplss .. howto .. too much junk

c ya

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