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Re: first time install

Let me suggest that you provide much more information. Unlike Windows, in which there's often only one common way to accomplish things ("the Microsoft way"), Debian is very flexible, and there may be 100 different answers to your questions. Without more info, we're just shooting in the dark.

Timothy Payne wrote:

Xserver dies when started.

What version of Debian are you installing? Stable (Woody), Testing (Sarge), or Unstable (Sid)?

What do you mean by "Xserver dies when started"? Are you running "startx", or "X", or "xinit" or KDM, or or or???

What error messages are being generated? Are you seeing a change on the screen at all?

I don't think the settings are correct as they are on the motherboard.

The "settings" are on the motherboard? This doesn't make sense to me.

I need at least a generic setting, and
where to find the file and an editor.  I don't like to use vi cuz I'm
lazy and need to get out my cheat sheet :-)
I'm not sure what a "generic setting" refers to, particularly when combined with the phrase "find the file and an editor". What file? Perhaps you mean the main config file for X? It's "/etc/X11/XF86Config-4".

There are lots of editors available; some of my more favorites are mcedit, nano, and fte. There are also X-based editors, such as nedit and Kate.

The other problem is the network card where do I check to see if it has
located the right one, also on the motherboard.
I would suggest you break up your separate issues into separate posts, and give them meaningful subject lines, such as "X won't start" and "network card problem" (although even these could be improved, but as you haven't provided much info in the body of this email, I can't really suggest better subject lines).

Run "lspci"; this should list your network chipset. From there, you can google for that chipset to find out what kernel module is needed by it. Or you can run "modconf" and pick&guess&choose for the correct module. Or you can post the chipset here, and perhaps one of the readers will know which module you need. Or, if you are running Sid, the system probably has already chosen the correct module for you. Or you can boot off a LiveCD like Knoppix and see what module it uses.

Kent West
Technology Support
/A/bilene /C/hristian /U/niversity

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