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Re: export Mozilla Calendar data

Ian> Hi, the Mozilla Calendar looks and works really nice, but is there
Ian> a way to get the data to any other program, in particular a command
Ian> line program?  I figured that the calendar data is stored in
Ian> ~/.mozilla/defualt/${obfuscated_profile_name}/Calendar/CalendarDataFile.ics
Ian> . Is there another program that understands data in this format, or
Ian> do I have to write it myself?  It doesn't look very difficult,
Ian> still apt-get would be quicker ;-) A Perl or python library
Ian> certainly qualifies for an answer.

Andrew> A quick google reveals
Andrew> http://www.mozilla.org/projects/calendar/faq.html, which states
Andrew> that Mozilla Calendar stores the calendar in standard iCal
Andrew> format. The relevant RFC is at
Andrew> http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc2445.txt. Most calendar programs (for
Andrew> Unix-like systems at least) support this format.

Well, what are these "most calendar programs"?  I know about: ical (not
related to iCal), plan, remind.  None of them reads this format.  I know
of other calendars packaged as web applications that do, but apart from
the fact that I want to avoid the "weight" of such, none of them has a
way to export to text, which is what I'm after.

I.e. with ical:

ical -show +2

I wonder which is the best virus for unix and if I can write
a better one in Microsoft BASIC ?
Hans-Marc Olsen in comp.unix.programmer

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