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Easycam (target) webcam issues

I have a target Easycam (H098063), and I know linux (2.6) supports it.
Well, thats what I've gathered. When I plug in the camera, I get a
message about it recognizing the chip SN9C10, and about initialization
being successful (on previous kernels this hadn't happened), however
when I try to use it I get an array of errors, depending on the
situation and program.

I am running sarge.
I followed the steps outlined outlined here:
Well, to the best of my abilities, having a different version
(video4linux is already installed, etc).

The first error I get (when using that configuration file) is that the
input line is an incorrect input device, and I couldn't seem to find
anything that it would accept, so I just commented it out. Then the
next line (about the NTSC) yells. So I commented that out as well.
Then I get the error "can't get rgb24".
Actually, I suppose the first slew of errors is with xawtv (as per the
article). But this is hopefully enough to get you started. I've tried
a bunch of other programs to accomplish this same thing in the past,
to no avail. I reinstalled everything before this though, so there
isn't any residual changes. This is a clean install of debian except
for apache (and the GUI).

I am (almost brand) new to linux, so I really don't know what other
information to provide.

I really don't care which program I end up using, as long as it works.
The only reason I've tried this (webcam) is because it's the first one
I came across, so any other suggestions as to the program I use are
welcome as well. But I'm pretty sure the problem is larger than simply
me picking a slew of programs that don't work well with this camera.

Thank you

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