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Totem Hang on 2.6.10 In Unstable

Hi everyone
I dont know if anyone has come across this but im running the debian
kernel-sources-2.6.10 custom built image. Whenever i run totem nothing
happens, ive ran it from an xterm and there's no errors. I dont know how
to backtrace or which logs to look for on finding clues on why it wont
If i try running totem on vanilla sources, totem works great no problem
and load's stright away so i know its something to do with the kernel or
patch that has been applied. I would continue to use the vanilla sources
but ive been reading on the lists recommendations from many people not
to use the vanilla sources at all as there too buggy (ive not had a
problem but i never turn down sound advice)

If anyone has a clue or simular problem please let me know, i was going
to file a bug report but i thought it might be something i had done

Cheers in advance
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