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Re: Lost MIDI after upgrade to sarge

On Tuesday 25 January 2005 05:59, Spongebob wrote:
> My sound was working fine until I upgraded to sarge and got a problem
> with alsa. I have audio, but no midi. During bootup there's an error
> about not being able to find AWE synth. There's also something about
> volume ranges when alsa restores mixer settings.
> I'm using kernel 2.6.10 and have a SB Live! card.
> Is this a config file problem? If so, what files should I look at?

I believe you'll have to load a sequencer module to get midi to work.  What 
is the output of lsmod?  Any of the modules 
in /lib/modules/<kernel>/sound/core/seq/ loaded?

Justin Guerin

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