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Re: dvips and computer modern fonts

Apparently, _Stephan Otto_, on 23/01/05 10:29,typed:

after fiddling a while with different fonts in latex, I'm stuck with
the following problem:

When I use latex with default (computer modern) fonts, and dvips with
default (outline) fonts, the result looks very bad in ghostscript. The
characters appear unclear and unequally sized. Only at magnifications
of 4 and above, they become even.

However, using dvips with bitmap fonts or using postscript fonts in latex
and dvips produces smooth output. I can also create flawless pdf's (with
dvipdfm) and printouts from all font combinations.

As a reference, I took a postscript file made by someone else (on another
machine), that also uses computer modern outline fonts, and it displays
nicely in all sizes. Next, I copied the font descriptions from this file
over into my file, but the problem persisted (besides the encoding

This is where my "expertise" ends. Any help is highly appreciated! I need
the computer modern fonts for the boldmath part.

I'm using a clean tetex installation with tetex-base 2.0.2c-3, tetex-bin
2.0.2-25 and tetex-extra 2.0.2c-3 on debian 3.1.



This is odd. There are two things I could suggest:
1) Check the latex command's output for warnings and errors (or even list the output here).
2) Try a minimal document and see if the problem persists.
3) try sending the source tex of the minimal document to someone else and try compilation on a different system (you could send it to me if you wish)

But apart from that, the problem you describe was more often observed in viewing PDF files made from latex source.

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