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Re: about setting the timezone in debian-reference

Hello Luis,

On Sun, Jan 23, 2005 at 09:54:50AM -0500, Luis Lima wrote:
> >I couldn't find any information about setting the timezone in
> >debian-reference. What about adding section 16 (or at least 16.1) from
> >Debian System Administrator's Manual to debian-reference? Having
> >multiple documents for the same purpose is very time-consuming for the
> >users.
> >Besides, does any tool use /etc/timezone, or is it just informational?
> >ate(1) uses /etc/localtime, and I spent an hour to figure out that
> >these files were inconsistent.
> Hi, just run:
>  #tzconfig
> after this, if you want the EXACT time, install:
> #apt-get -y install ntpdate
> #reboot

I haven't expressed myself clearly enough, sorry. I asked whether we
should add a section about tzconfig into debian-reference.

Thanks for your time!

With kind regards,

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