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Re: How to add language to Debian

On Sun, 23 Jan 2005 10:13:30 +0100, belahcene <belahcene@iap-cu.dz> wrote:
> please I installed the new release of debian ( sarge ) , the installer
> din't give me the possibility to add language, so I have only one
> language installed. After installation when I want to add a new
> language ( precisely arabic) via the kde desktop,  the arabic language
> is  not in the list.  How to do it please.

AFAIK, the system (console, man pages, and so) and KDE languages are
managed separately.

To set the system language, install the 'locales' package or (if it is
already installed) run a 'dpkg-reconfigure' on it, and select arabic.

For KDE, install the package 'kde-i18n-XX' (replace XX with arabic two
letter code, which I don't know :-) ). Then arabic will appear on the
Control Panel.

Juan M. Cataldo

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