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Re: repartition on the fly?

Quoting Matt Price <matt.price@utoronto.ca>:

> hi,
>  a server I've just inherited has just a single 75 gig non-swap
> partition (about 70 gigs free) ;
> I'd like to repartition it, with a minimum of downtime.  Are there any
> tools that will either repartition, or at least confine the filesystem
> to a part of an existing partition, without shutting the system down?
> I imagine the answer's likely to be no...

It *can* be done.  In fact, I did this once on a file server for a lab that I
formerly admined (over a remote connection, no less).  However, there is a
potential to leave your harddrive unusable, to where you must reformat it to
get it back.  Tread carefully.

The best advice I can give is to boot Knoppix and use qtparted or one of the
other available tools.  Then reboot once and you are done.  This also has the
advantage of letting you modify the fstab while the system is not running.


Roberto Sanchez

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