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Anjuta does not build C++ Gnome2 project in Sarge

In Sarge, I can create an Anjuta Gnome 2.0 project for C but not for C
++. Build errors suggest that file gtkmm/accelgroup.h cannot be found.
Yet accelgroup.h exists on the system at
and also at

Is there a problem with paths somewhere? I used Settings -> Source
Paths... to add /usr/include/gtkmm-2.0, but it made no difference.

Here is the complete process. I start a new project wizard and choose
Gnome 2.0 project, C++, all other settings as default. Project
autogeneration completes successfully. Build fails.

The build error messages start with
	In file included from window1_glade.cc:17:
	window1_glade.hh:16:30: gtkmm/accelgroup.h: 
	No such file or directory

Line 17 of window1_glade.cc is
	#include "window1_glade.hh"

Line 16 of window1_glade.hh is
	#include <gtkmm/accelgroup.h>

Chris Lale

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