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Font problem: Helvetica appears bitmapped

I am running a Debian/unstable system, usually to my full
satisfaction, but there is *one* problem: the font 'Helvetica'
often appears as an ugly bitmapped version of the font, typically
on web pages (when "font-family: Helvetica" is explicitly
specified in the style sheet), but e.g. also as the menu font for
Konqueror (note: I run Gnome, not KDE -- I was just using
Konqueror to double-check).

On the other hand, if I choose 'Helvetica' as a text font in
OpenOffice there's no problem and I get the anti-aliased version
just fine.

I used to be fairly confident (but could of course be wrong) that
there is nothing *obviously* wrong with my font configuration as
such: all other fonts seem to render as I expect them to,
including the (Microsoft) TrueType ones, and if I do an
'xlsfonts' I certainly see the entire
"-adobe-helvetica-medium-r-normal--[etc.]" family appear.

It just seems to be the mapping from 'Helvetica' to the actual
anti-aliased version of the font that seems to -- sometimes -- go

Does this sound familiar to anybody? Any idea where I could start
looking? All help and suggestions will be much appreciated.

Leo Breebaart  <leo@lspace.org>

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