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Re: Framebuffer , 2.6.10

On Thursday 13 January 2005 12:39 pm, Henrik Skantz wrote:
> Hi,  I have a problem with framebuffer and 2.6.10.
> I've used the same .config from 2.6.8, so the settings are the same as
> in 2.6.8. Ok i did make oldconfig.
> I have put vga=791 in /boot/grub/menu.lst but when i reboot i only get a
> black screen (untill X starts)
> Any ideas ?

There is a bug in the Debianized /drivers/video/vesafb.c. If you *really* want 
that framebuffer, you could do what I did... copy the vesafb.c from the 
vanilla kernel and recompile.

BTW - if you're also looking to have a bootsplash screen, run the patch after 
you've copied the vesafb.c file over.

Word is there is a fix coming RSN.

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