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Boot problems - need advice


While I'm searching the documentation, let me say what I've
done, and maybe someone has the quick solution.

Stuck a second scsi drive in the machine hoping to load
Debian testing on it and have a dual boot with my stable
install.  At that time, I decided to use GRUB from the
testing install CD, and this is where the problems started.
I couldn't make that work and so went bact to LILO.  At
this point I can no longer boot from the primary hdd, the
other drive is now out of the system.  The boot process ends
with " L 01 ".  I was able to boot with a boot floppy,
tried several things to reinstall LILO, but one of the files
may be corrupt now.  Compiled a new kernel and installed ( I
needed this anyway) and made a new boot floppy which works
fine, but I'd sure like to get back to normal.



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