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Re: Touchpad scrollwheel won't scroll under sarge

Rich wrote:
> I saw it but I'm not too sure how to go about using it.  Certainly after
> installing it & rebooting the touchpad still doesn't work.  I don't see
> tpconfig mentioned in the logs anywhere, and ps doesn't show it running.
> If I kill X & run 'tpconfig -i' it just says 'no ALPS/SYnaptics touchpad
> found'. Any ideas why?

Not really. Did you see this?

# Some machines do not reset the touchpad hardware when they are
# booted and/or resumed.  On these machines, it is necessary to
# manually reset the touchpad.  Set this to "true" to do a manual
# reset when the system is started or resumed.  Set it to "false" if
# you don't want this.

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