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On the use of Desktop Environments (was: Re: Disabling minimize animation in GNOME)

On Jan 08 2005, William Ballard wrote:
> > On Fri, 2005-01-07 at 21:35 +0700, David Garamond wrote:
> > > I'm using Sarge with GNOME 2.6 (haven't updated to 2.8). There's a 
> > > 'shrinking box' animation when you minimize a window. How do I disable 
> > > it? It gets pretty annoying after a while.
> apt-get install fluxbox :-)

Now, that's really funny, since I'm also a fluxbox user myself, but I have
been wondering: would it be possible to use fluxbox with Gnome with at
least some of the bells and whistles that metacity supports?

That said, all the times I tried to use a Desktop Environment (Gnome, KDE)
on my own box, I ended coming back to my fluxbox install.

My main problem with KDE is that its user interface is "way too modern". I
would apreciate if KDE had, by default, something less "artistic" (with
less visual pollution) and more functional, like Gnome is nowadays, but I
couldn't *easily* tweak it to have a "sober" appearance.

Cheers, Rogério.

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