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Re: Problems with Kernel configuration

On Friday 07 January 2005 06:54 pm, Sergio Basurto Juarez wrote:
> Hello,
> I am recompiling the kernel in order to get a driver
> that does not come as default with debian,
> nevertheless I can configure the kernel with make
> config but no with
> make menuconfig
> here ask me for ncurses I already install all the
> packages which apt-cache search ncurses return me,
> but still not working.
> make xconfig
> This one ask me for qt, is worth to mention that I am
> not running kde or gnome, I am running xfce4 and I am
> almost sure that I have already qt installed but it
> still not working.
> How can I know if qt is installed ?
> I will really appreciate that anyone can tell me wich
> packages I should install, or point me to a reference.
> Regards.


might be the one you need

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