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pci hotplug, how to unload module ?


I've just bought a WiFi cardbus MSI CB54G2, and now that I can setup and use it, I have a problem when unplug and plug it again !

I need some setup before using it but after loading module and "uping" link!
Hotplug can load module when I plug it but unlike usb hotplug, pci hotplug can't launch some script ! juste modprobe module ! So I add post-install script to modules.conf (throught /etc/modutils/network) and now when I plug at first the card it's ok ! Now imagine I unplug it, and plug it again... There is a little problem, 'cause when I unplugged it, it didn't unload (modprobe -r) module, so it doesn't load it again (and so, not launch my post-install script) :(

so is someone knows how to unload module when card is unplug ? or knows how hotplug can manage this ?

thanks by advance,


PS : if someone wants to know more details on my configuration feel free to ask! ;-)

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