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Re: Sound and print problems

On Thursday 06 January 2005 08:02 pm, Adam Aube wrote:
> Michael Satterwhite wrote:
> > That said, after it finished the upgrade, I found myself with two
> > problems. First, KDE programs (KMail, KEdit, etc) no longer see my CUPS
> > printers. To KDE, it's as if no printers were attached to my computer.
> > Other applications (such as OpenOffice) have no problem with the printers
> > at all.
> In the Control Center, under Peripherals -> Printers, make sure CUPS is
> still the print system being used.

Good idea, but it got stranger when I looked at this. CUPS is still the print 
system in use. When I opened the Peripherals -> Printers, none of my CUPS 
printers were visible - in keeping with the fact that I can't print from any 
KDE app. I then entered administrator mode. Immediately, *ALL* of the 
printers were visible.

IOW: KDE applications can print only if the app is running root.

I'm guessing that the sound problem is related to this as well. If I go to a 
console session and use the play command to issue a soound, it plays fine. 
KMail and Kopete have lost all sound capabilities, however.

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