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grub-install failed during debian testing installation

 This is my first post to this list :)
 I'm installing debian testing distro on my notebook and PC . The
notebook works properly with debian. But on the PC, installation failed
to run grub-install on MBR. The progress bar stopped at about 50%.
I waited for more than 20 mins and it had no any progress. Then I used
"ps" from shell and found that the grub-install process' status is "D".

 I'm going to reset the pc and boot the installed debian system from
grub for dos. And then try to do grub-install in the running system.
Hope it will work.

 So is it a known problem? Could anyone give me some advice? Thanks a

Here's my hardware spec and software

* Hardware:
 AthlonXP 1600+, 384M memory, via chip set mainboard
 ide0:0:  40G Seagate, LBA mode
 ide0:1:  40G Seagate, LBA mode
 ide1:0:  cdrom
 ide1:1:  dvdrom

* Software env before installation
 ms xp pro on hda1 and had5
 ext3/swap partitions at hda6 to hda11 (all logical patitions)
 Debian sarge iso on hda11 (ext3)

* debian installation media
 Boot: boot from hardrive using grub for dos
 Sarge iso:
  Debian GNU/Linux testing "Sarge" - Official Snapshot i386 Binary-1


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