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Re: ext3 undelete/recovery

On Fri, 7 Jan 2005, Alban Browaeys wrote:

> I just wanted this to be somewhere , seems it s not worst a place than any other.
> With ext3 you cannot undelete a file .

out of curiousity, which undelete tools did you use ??

underneath ext3 is an ext2 fs ... so i dumb/unexperienced commentary is
that i should be able to undelete ext2 files ( esp if i turned off ext3 to
do the undeleting ? ) 

> That s right. But only if it was delete
> in a proper way, for example with rm .

a common way to have an "oopsie"

cp /dev/null ooppps.txt is another common WT!@#$#%...

perl { ... unlink $SomeDirectory/$someFile.doc ; } .. 

- more undelete tools
	http://Linux-Sec.net/Txt/undelete.txt ( bottom of the list )

c ya

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