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Re: free vs commercial

David Jardine <david <at> jardine.de> writes:

> Hang on a sec.  Hardware manufacturers are selling hardware, not 
> drivers.  Using their software products "freely" without having 
> bought their hardware products in the first place doesn't sound 
> like the sort of thing many people would undertake.  Cornering the 
> linux market might, however, seem an attractive proposition from 
> the manufacturer's point of view.
> Am I talking nonsense?

Not at all . That s exactly what devels tell them for years . Only few provides
docs. Less gives open source drivers (which can be taken as a basis to create
improved drivers : see sagem -> eagle-usb driver).

Maybe you should join advogato and the open firmware people .


PS: there are even people which do not understand why the BIOS i snot freely
available (let s say to fix nforce2 one which gives wrong voltage to hardware).
See OpenBios

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