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Re: Debian on an old PC

> Attaining your goal will be tied entirely to who your father is when it
> comes to assessing the system.  Is he interested in what you propose,
> or is this a project of your own?  If he is _interested_ then wm's
> which deviate more from a Windows perspective will not be as much of an
> issue, especially if he's willing to listen to the Knowledgable One
> (you ;-) patiently walk through a brief working tour of it.

The only "demand" he has for participating in this project is that he can
have a machine where he can write/read his text-documents (therfore
OpenOffice) and mail. Besides that I am free to choose linux-dist and wm.
I belive his will to try and learn linux is there so that shouldn't be a

> Blackbox/fluxbox come to my mind as very easy to use wm's which appear
> to be fairly light.  Along with simple features such as window shading,
> multiple desktops, and window resizing/moving using the alt keys, an
> interested person could quickly see some nice things about being
> different.
> You mention scientific writing.  What type?  I personally use LyX for
> all my work (I teach chemistry at a community college) and find it does
> all I want, with LaTeX as its backbone.  The only time I ever need
> OO.org is to allow me to see/print out .doc files from admin types at
> school who don't understand/care about more universal forms such as pdf
> files.

Today he uses 'Scientific Notebook', I'm not sure excactly what that
program does. He's a teacher in what we call "furter going school" (it
sound pretty stupid when I translate it directly) (its the 11. -> 12. year
of school for the young of norway). I will tell him to look up LyX, maby
the right thing.

> On your machine the primary holdup to a system such as this would be
> memory--the likes of which cost about a $1/stick at our local
> "re-compute" store.

I got hold of 128MB RAM from a friend. Now there is a total of
128+16=144MB RAM. Don't you think that is enough for OO.org and WM when
he's prepared for a slow machine?

> If he likes what he sees then maybe a hardware upgrade would happen
> automagically...  ;)

I won't give up untill that happens, so its just a matter of time. The
more open-source and the less Microsoft, the better!!!!

> HTH,
> Kenward

Fun to here from all of you guys, best wishes from Vegard

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