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Re: Debian on an old PC

> On Wednesday 05 January 2005 08:43 am, Alvin Smith wrote:
>> No.  You need a minimum of a Pentium 233 with 64 MB RAM to have much
>> success  running any GUI + Openoffice, even xfce.
> And realistically on the user-side, you're looking more at getting a
> machine that will run KDE with decent performance if you're trying to
> convince a Windows user.
For a total replacement of OS I know KDE is the only one to convince the
windows-fanatics, but that will have to wait untill he gets a faster PC.
Luckely the man who are to be convinced care more about the text editing
tools than all other details. Hopefully only this slow PC with a decent
texteditor will convince him that open-source is the best option.

I will take Nate's advice and try with iceWM... Afterall, it doesn't hurt
to try, a slow machine with linux is better than one with windoze!!

Thanks, best regards from Vegard

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