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Re: sarge: netinstall and ppoe

Thank you very much for the advices Andreas.

With the best regards


Marcelo Chiapparini

On 05.01.05. 21:07, Andreas Janssen wrote:

Marcelo Chiapparini (<chiappa@centroin.com.br>) wrote:

> I want to install sarge in a new system. So I have two questions:
> a) Can I use a minimal bootable CD over a PPOE connection? I am
> because the information in the Debian web only mentions PPP: "The
> network install assumes that you have a connection to the Internet
> either using analogue PPP dial-up".  I have an ADSL provider.

The netinst ISO (~ 110 MB) also included the base system, which has
pppoe package. So at least after finishing the installation you should
be able to boot into the base system and set up your network
to install additional packages. The businesscard ISO however does not
include the base system, I am not sure whether you can use PPPOE to
it or not.

> b) If I decide to built an ISO cd image using jidgo, is it enough to
> built only the first CD and complete the installation using the PPOE
> connection?

Yes. Actually the "installation" is complete after the base system is
installed and configured, which you can do with the first CD. You can
also select to install additional packages from the base-config
that is run near the end of the installation.

best regards
 Andreas Janssen

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