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Re: gpg-agent packaged...?

[Wed 05 Jan 2005 20:32] Ralph Katz (Re: gpg-agent packaged...?):

> Will gpa help?  apt-cache show gpa

Uhm, doesn't seem to, no... It's much like kgpg, a slightly more 
featured equivalent program I think. I'm not really looking for 
something to help me manage my keys, I just don't feel like typing the 
pass phrase over and over and over again... :-)

> Or you could switch to thunderbird, evolution, mutt, etc.

That's not an option either. I mean, sure it is, but I'd rather go 
through the trouble with the script and the custom packages Nicos wrote 

Thanks, though, for your reply,

key: http://tmp.verbreyt.be/files/abwaerts.asc

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