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How to skip installing one package.

Hi guys,

I've a recent convert to Debian from RH and MDK, and this is my first trip down the dpkg/apt-get route.

I have setup a mail server using debian woody and several packages from backports.org, however one package I couldn't find as I needed it was postfix, so I compiled it myself with virtual folders, sasl and mysql support, then I setup courier-imap etc etc.

Anyway, the end result has been exceptional however I am worried about doing an apt-get update/upgrade because I worry my custom install of postfix will be upgraded and I really don't want that as the replacement is likely to be very different from the original.

You might say that if you didn't install postfix in the first place, apt-get won't try and upgrade it, but unfortunately I did have postfix installed via apt and overwrote it with the newly compiled version. (because I had a ton of other stuff that apt won't install without an MTA installed)

Anyway, onto my question, is there anyway to tell apt-get to skip trying to install an updated postfix package? I read though the man pages and searched the net, but couldn't find an answer that made sense to me.

Many thanks,



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