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Re: tracking memory resource issues

On Tuesday 04 January 2005 03:16 am, Sam Watkins wrote:
> > climbed to unbearable.  Further, even if I close
> > all programs and leave the computer on, the memory
> > usage doesn't drop to what it was when I logged
> > in. How can I trace what software is sucking my
> > memory?
> It's probably the X server.
I agree. Every once in a while I have to kill the X server to get back 
resources. I am running kde3.3 on debian sid. it is annoying. (I have a gig 
of ram and many windows open all the time and after a while it gets 
unbearrably slow and i kill X and restart it and then all is ok....
Any alternatives?
> Try running "top" or "ps aux | less" and look for which process has
> large numbers under "RSS" or something like that.  What is the output of
> "free"?  Are you out of swap, or just RAM?

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