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Re: deleted /boot files

At Friday, 31 December 2004, you wrote:

>>>> are there suggestions on how to get the fa311 netgear nic working 
>>>> w/ 2.2.20-compact?
>>>sounds like you need to tell it to load the tulip driver for fa311
>>>and than tell i upgrade the kernel and it'd run lilo/grub
>>>and you're back in biz
>>i tried to load tulip but i get a failure error. i even reboot w/ 
>>the 2.2.20-compact rescue.bin and root.bin floppies, try to install 
>>the tulip driver and still have a failure.

I ended up using the idepci recovery disks. I remember reading that 
the natsemi.o module in the compact driver disks would not work w/ 
the netgear fa311 nics. ... on to upgrading the kernel to the latest 
now that i have a network connection.

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