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Re: how run zsh script through ssh and telnet

On Mon, Jan 03, 2005 at 11:03:20PM -0800, Umar Draz wrote:
> hi Deear memberrs!
>    i have a user devish with zsh shel i want when this user access my
>    sever remotly through ssh or telnet a zsh script run which i have
>    already copy in /home/devish home directory.  script name is
>    devish.zsh

Not sure exactly what you want.

1) to have this zsh script run when you log in remotely,
   and then to be able to continue typing commands:

   put this in your .profile file on the server:

   source ./devish.zsh

2) to be able to run a zsh script remotely,
   and automatically log out when it's done:

   ssh devish@remote-host.org zsh devish.zsh

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