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Re: grep & tar segfault - broken system

On Monday 03 January 2005 12:59, Alexandros Papadopoulos wrote:
> [0] GREP segfaults:
> helios:/# grep
> Segmentation fault
> [1] TAR segfaults too:
> helios:/# tar -cf boot.tar boot/
> Segmentation fault

On closer inspection, I realised that "find" segfaulted too. I also 
checked the md5sums of the binaries and compared them with md5sums from 
another sarge machine:
helios:~# md5sum grep
3e39a37478852cbc407a48cbb87742b1  grep
helios:~# md5sum /bin/grep
32f9b2c685911afe25d6000c07c6f3a7  /bin/grep

helios:~# md5sum tar
4a1f9c9a1679faaf66073c96f1435284  tar
helios:~# md5sum /bin/tar
4a1f9c9a1679faaf66073c96f1435284  /bin/tar

helios:~# md5sum /usr/bin/find
d046e60434e9d1b7a21781fddc0799af  /usr/bin/find
helios:~# md5sum find
f88ace1e9fd6f456cfff178e29189c32  find

So, it seems that /usr/bin/find and /bin/grep are different on the 
problematic machine!

This is all too strange and I'd like to know if there is anywhere I can 
find known good md5sums of Debian package binaries (not of the packages 
themselves - of the executables in'em). Otherwise, it's impossible to 
know if one has a cracked system, or is simply experiencing a "testing" 



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