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LyX, synaptic, and gnome's system font.

I initially installed the gnome desktop on this new sarge system but I
have since removed it. The trouble is that a few applications that I
installed "on top of gnome" or in other words: when gnome was still
installed.. still use the fonts that "came with" gnome to display their
menus & panels, eg. lyx, xscreensaver-demo, synaptic.. etc.

I have a few problems with these fonts - for one I don't have the
foggiest where they live.. and that's a little annoying..  the usual 'X'
utilities such as xfontsel or xlsfonts don't see them.. Though I cannot
check now.. I believe that when the gnome configuration tools were
available they told me that these fonts came from the bitstream foundry
and had family names like vera, vera-sans etc.. I grepped the various
directories that I found in the xfs font server conf file and couldn't
find any trace of these fonts..

The other problem that I have is that I cannot find a place where I can
change these fonts, resize them to something more reasonable (the  font
on menu bars is about a quarter of an inch high, about twice the height
of the one on the window's title bar..) and hopefully turn off

Well I hope somebody will be able to make sense of this and possibly
provide a few pointers.

Thank you.

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