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Re: sid dvd jigdo site

On Tue, Dec 28, 2004 at 02:19:44PM +0100, Bob Alexander wrote:
> Is there some dependable site serving sid images in DVD format ?
> I have used a site in .hu about ten days ago and now wanted to build the 
> updated images but it complains about a mismatch between the NEW .jigdo 
> and .template files I have just downlaoded from there.
> Thank you,
> Bob
> PS Just in case you wonder I need those DVD to do multiple installations 
> and upgrades at a site which has no external connectivity :)
Hi Bob,

I remember the Hungarian Site you mention, although I can't remember
the url (I'm on modem now...). I also had some problems in
getting the correct jigdo files, it seemed that they were being updated
and that the process was taking some time. I wrote them an e-mail and
they were very helpful and soon after they had a new version on their

Ah, and yes, once I finished a half-done download by pointing
jigdo to snapshots.debian.net.



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