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Kernel upgrade followed by Palm sync freezing X?

Could that be more convoluted?

In order to fix my already-posted-about problem with ripping CD's, I
finally upgraded from kernel-image-2.6.7-1-k7 to
kernel-image-2.6.8-1-k7.  It worked -- paranoia can read CD's again.

Unfortunately, the first time I ran jpilot, X froze solidly.  No
mouse movement, no reaction to any keyboard input including
ctrl-backspace, ctrl-alt-Fn, and ctrl-alt-del, no nothing.  I had to
use the reset button.

Same thing the SECOND time I ran jpilot. 

As long as I didn't actually try to sync, no problem.  That is, the
program can sit open as long as it doesn't try to communicate with
the Palm device.

So I tried kpilot.  Same thing.  It took longer to freeze -- over a
minute vs. seconds.  (The sync was long because it was the first time
kpilot had run, so it had to do a full backup.)  By this time I had
installed telnetd so I could connect via my laptop and just kill X
rather than reboot.  Except I couldn't.  Even kill -9 wouldn't stop
either X or xdm.

Kpilot froze during an AvantGo sync.  If I use malsync (command-line
AvantGo sync) in a VT, no freeze.

It's clearly a bug, but I'm torn between reporting it for XFree86 and
xPilot.  No application should be able to freeze X so badly it can't
be killed.  (At all, really, but surely not so badly it can't be

I tend to think it isn't a USB bug (I use USB sync) because my USB
mouse and ifp continue to work fine with the new kernel, but I
welcome other opinions.

In fact, I welcome any advice on how to further debug this before
bothering the maintainers with possibly-misaimed bug reports.

BTW, why did I use telnetd?  Because I can't seem to make a ssh
connection to my tower from the laptop.  I just get refusals from my
laptop ssh client, while the "VERBOSE" logging on the tower shows
nothing whatever after the "connect from" message.  PAM problem?  Who

I thank you for reading this far.
Carl Fink             carl@fink.to        
Jabootu's Minister of Proofreading

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