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Re: Sound stopped working after update

Jason Chagas wrote:
> Adam Aube wrote:

>> I notice that via82cxxx_audio isn't loaded. Have you tried loading it
>> via modprobe before testing your sound?

> Yes, I had tried running "modprobe via82cxxx_audio" before but it simply
> returned without errors. However, lsmod didn't show 'via82cxxx_audio' as
> loaded.

Returning without errors is normal, though lsmod should have shown it.

> I just attepted to 'insmod' manualy and I get the following errors:

[unresolved symbol errors snipped]

> I wonder why the discrepancy. Am I missing something?

insmod won't resolve module dependencies, whereas modprobe will.

Just to verify - 'modprobe via82cxxx_audio' returns no errors, but does not
affect the outcome of sound tests done afterwards?


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