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Re: Sarge box not rebooting..

On 2004.12.28 17:42, Robert Waldner wrote:

On Tue, 28 Dec 2004 08:40:48 +0100, Robert Waldner writes:
>>>Hmm, can it be that killall5 doesn't actually manage to *not* kill
>>> itself?

>>Ofcourse it goes through great lengths to do exactly that - NOT
>>kill itself. It kills all processes _except_ itself and its

>Any hints on what it _could_ be, or on what I can do to further narrow
> down the problem?

Well, I expanded killall5.c with a couple printf's:

int main(int argc, char **argv)
        signal(SIGTERM, SIG_IGN);
        signal(SIGSTOP, SIG_IGN);
        signal(SIGKILL, SIG_IGN);

        /* Now stop all processes. */
// changes rw
        printf("now doing kill(-1, SIGSTOP);\n");
        kill(-1, SIGSTOP);
        sent_sigstop = 1;
        printf("done with kill(-1, SIGSTOP);\n");

 and the last thing I see on the console is the first printf.
 Screenshot (thanks to iLO) at

So to me it seems like "signal(SIGSTOP, SIG_IGN);" either isn't honored, and killall5 itself killed, or else it kills something else
 essential, but what could that be?

No, kill(-1, SIGWHATEVER) is guaranteed to kill all processes
/except/ the caller. "man 2 kill" on any unix/linux box. What kernel
are you using, this might be a kernel bug. Is this an i386 or
another architecture ?

(You're not running bootlogd somehow at shutdown time are you ?)

Plus, I've discovered 3 other boxen, various DL360/380, with the same problem. Isn't there anyone else with Compaq/HP gear and this problem?

I doubt it is compaq specific, but there must be something else
out of the ordinary here or everybody would have this problem.


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