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Displayed Image Quality

I recently downloaded Sarge.  The appearance of images in gpdf appears to be quite poor compared to adobe acrobat when the image is viewed at a lower resolution than originally scanned.  There appears to be some kind of very large grained dithering, which makes the image quite difficult to view.  ggv has the same image problem.

The image started out as a high resolution tiff (2300x3100 pixels).  ImageMagick can view the pages of the TIFF, but has problems displaying the image at a lower resolution, just as gpdf does, and has performance problems.

eog can display the tiff quite well, but only the first page.  After running tiffsplit, and trying multiple files, eog has performance problems.

So Acrobat and tiff2pdf appears to be the best solution for viewing multiple page TIFF files?

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