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Re: Firestarter for Testing (Sarge)?

Hello Ben, hello list!

Jumping it late, but here we go...

On Thu, Dec 16, 2004 at 04:41:21PM +0000, Ben Bettin wrote:
> [...]
> Firestarter isn't packaged for Sarge?  I thought in order for
> something to make it to stable it had to be in testing and have "run
> the gauntlet".

Well, the particular package had to _have been_ in testing before this
testing was declared stable. Apparently this applied to firestarter so
it was included in stable and the next cycle began.

>                I was under the impression that Testing had everything
> Stable did, perhaps newer versions, and then some things that have
> made it down from Unstable.  Could someone explain to me how this came
> about, I'm confused why it isn't there?

There was a serious bug in the firestarter package in testing
(#282410), so the package was found unsuitable for release and thus
dropped from testing on 20041129. The maintainer has since uploaded a
newer version which fixes that bug, but this new version hasn't yet
been built on all supported architectures (due to the GNOME 2.8
transition as it seems) so it couldn't propagate to testing again so

If there is no remedy the upcoming stable release (Sarge) will be
released without firestarter which would be a shame, but the
maintainer is aware of the situation and will take care.


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