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Re: Please--sound

Apparently, _Ted Parks_, on 17/12/04 00:22,typed:
I have posted several queries, but no response. I would appreciate any help.

After numerous attempts to load the ALSA driver snd-opl3sa2 on my
Toshiba Tecra 8000 running Sarge, I finally figured out the parameters
to pass to modprobe. The driver now loads, but manually.

I cannot get ALSA to run properly on bootup. I get an error message
about /etc/rc2.d that says alsactl cannot find the card. I think I set
up /etc/modutils/alsa correctly.

How do I get ALSA to run alsactl correctly on bootup? Running alsaconf
is not an option for me because it cannot find the correct parameters
for the card.

Ted Parks

Are you using Gnome? If yes, is libesd-alsa0 installed?


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