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RE: howto know if raid is really working?

On Wed, 15 Dec 2004, Harland Christofferson wrote:

> but, what if i write a file to /dev/hda6 (/home), then i mount /dev/hdc6 
> to /mnt/hdc6 ... should i see the newly written file in the same 
> place on /mnt/hdc6 as was written on /dev/hda6 ?  

given that raid is confusing ...

do NOT, do NOT mount the raid partitions separately ...

	it will probably corrupt your raid data

raid works on timestamps on the inodes and other temp files
to figure out to copy data from hda to hdc or hdc to hda
	- which every one has the "supposdely, newer" data

mirroring is NOT identical on both disk
	you can have a working software raid with a 
	10GB disk and a 300GB disks .. but, you'd be 
	wasting 290GB of the 300GB, so you'd probably
	be using that for something else instead of
c ya

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