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Wacom tablet

My wife wants to get started with some computer art, so she is asking her
parents for a Wacom tablet for Christmas. I looked at the Linux Wacom
project on sourceforge (linuxwacom.sourceforge.net) and made sure that she
asked for one of the supported models, so now I need to make it work on her
Debian box with GIMP.  

I've installed wacom-kernel-source and wacom-tools. I tried to compile the
modules using module-assistant, but it bombed with no information. At first
it complained about not being able to find the archive, so I tar'd up what
was installed in /usr/src/modules, but then all it would do is unpack it
and fail.

I've looked at Steve Wallace's HOWTO for Debian Sid
(http://linuxwacom.sourceforge.net/index.php/howto/debwacom), but he just
builds the kernel and XFree86 drivers from the upstream source and installs
them by hand rather than as a Debian package. I'd like to do the The Debian
Way if at all possible.

Has anyone succeeded in using wacom-kernel-source? Does anyone have any

The system is using a stock 2.6.9 kernel and is running sarge with a bit of


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