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Re: Software to create passwords

On Thu, 2004-12-09 at 13:33 +0100, Khan wrote:
> Hello,
> What will be my best choises with software for password creating?

$ apt-cache search password create | sort 
adduser - Add and remove users and groups
dsniff - Various tools to sniff network traffic for cleartext
ldaptor-utils - Command-line LDAP utilities
libpam-pwgen - a password generator
ntlmaps - NTLM Authorization Proxy Server
openafs-kpasswd - The AFS distributed filesystem- old password changing
opie-server - OPIE programs for maintaining an OTP key file
otp - Generator for One Time Passwords
pawserv - Cernlib's distributed PAW and file transfer servers
postgresql-contrib - additional facilities for PostgreSQL
tcllib - The Standard Tcl Library
thttpd-util - Support utilities for thttpd
vqadmin - web based control panel for vpopmail

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