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cron jobs + (some?) output

Hi Debian!

I found out something that was of interest:

I run mplayer from a script in the early morning as a cron job.

It start a script that forks and runs execve mplayer to record KUSC for 3 hours.

Then 3 hours later I start another cron job that kills the former.

My problem (small one) was that since there is no shell, where is the output?

Gues what: it gets sent to root! I found out /var/mail/mail was getting huge (by running mondoarchive who tried to slice it). In mail I find the output of the mplayer run. It is huge, filled with his inane % buffer filled numbers. But at the very end is the answer of why he dies.

Of course that gets me the answer, but no wiser:

Could not MAD sync. End of file.

Ok. Huh? Did you try aspirin?


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