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Re: devfs_mk_cdev question

Where can I find this documentation?
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Subject: Re: devfs_mk_cdev question

On Tue, Dec 07, 2004 at 05:34:16PM +0100, Paul Akkermans wrote:
Can you also tell me what "class_simple_device_add() " does then?

To quote the documentation (why do I write it if no one even reads

* class_simple_device_add - adds a class device to sysfs for a character driver * @cs: pointer to the struct class_simple that this device should be registered to.
* @dev: the dev_t for the device to be added.
* @device: a pointer to a struct device that is assiociated with this class device.
* @fmt: string for the class device's name
* This function can be used by simple char device classes that do not
* implement their own class device registration. A struct class_device will * be created in sysfs, registered to the specified class. A "dev" file will
* be created, showing the dev_t for the device.  The pointer to the struct
* class_device will be returned from the call. Any further sysfs files that
* might be required can be created using this pointer.
* Note: the struct class_simple passed to this function must have previously been
* created with a call to class_simple_create().

Use this if you want to add sysfs (and hence, udev) support to your
driver in a very easy manner.  Also see class_simple_create() for some
more documenataion.


greg k-h

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