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Re: Directory Permissions

Ben Bettin wrote:

I'm running Sarge and have two 250 gb drives.  One has my system
installed on it, the other is mounted as /backup.  I intended to use
/backup to...well...back things up :)

How do I grant certain users access to /backup?  Right now it's only
accessible to the root user.  I've read through a few man-pages, and I
get the impression that I need to add the users to the directory's
group....but I'm not sure how to do that.  Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!

Create a group (or use an existing one - see "/etc/group"), like so:
 addgroup backupers

Then add your users to that group; either edit "/etc/group" or "adduser person backupers".

Change the perms on the directory, like so:

chown -R root.backupers /backup
chmod -r g+rw /backup

Now all members in the "backupers" group have read/write access to "/backup".


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