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lspci and /sys


I'm new to this list, but after googling for a few hours after a fix to my problem it seems I have no other option than to try to get some attention here :)

My server is a Debian Sarge-box (dist-upgraded from Woody a few months back). Anyhoo, anytime I use lspci I get the following error: pcilib: Cannot open /sys/bus/pci/devices

Also, when the PHP-script "PHPsysinfo" runs it generates the same error in the Apache Error-log, as well as taking forever to finish the operation. Both items still list my PCI devices, but after a delay (which to me is annoying).

If I go to /sys it's empty, so obviously something is missing. I wouldn't say that I'm a complete Linux-bewbie, but this problem has me completely stumped, and as mentioned Google has been of no help this time. So I'm asking all the experts out there - what can I do to correct this?

Thanks in advance

/petter senften

isecore@isecore.net | http://www.isecore.net

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