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Change gnumeric splash screen?

I recently did an upgrade of my sid system, and got gnumeric 1.3.93. Fine,
except that I don't really like the splash screen. I usually don't mind, but
in this particular case, it is a "stock market" image, with "Kennedy
assassination" references... I'm not in business, I'm Chilean, none of the
symbols there mean much to me and it made me think it could be the same for
most users in the world (please, I don't want to offend anyone, just my view
as someone far from this "cultural background"). But the splash screen
doesn't seem to be configurable. 'info gnumeric', 'locate splash' or 'dpkg
-L gnumeric', or browsing the gnumeric website, didn't give me a clue
(except 'gnumeric --no-splash').

Ideas? That's the way it is?


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