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Re: subversion-server package?

On Sunday 28 November 2004 12.37, Sven Hoexter wrote:
> On Sun, Nov 28, 2004 at 11:42:10AM +0100, Olle Eriksson wrote:
> > [...]
> > Exactly, so where is the server version? Thw package "subversion"
> > which I have installed claims to be only the client.
> >
> >From 'apt-cache show subversion':
>  This package includes the Subversion client (svn), tools for creating
>  a Subversion repository and tools to make a repository available
>  over the network using a program like ssh.
> http://subversion.tigris.org/project_faq.html#apache-extension
> Subversion is a set of libraries. It comes with a command-line client
> that uses them. There are two different Subversion server processes:
> either svnserve, which is small standalone program similar to cvs
> pserver, or Apache httpd-2.0 using a special mod_dav_svn module.
> svnserve speaks a custom protocol, while mod_dav_svn uses WebDAV as its
> network protocol.
> svnserve is in the package "subversion" and mod_dav_svn seems to be in
> the package "libapache2-svn"

Ok, now I feel like an idiot. :) I had been searching for that 
libapache2-svn package but just couldn't find it. Not even after I 
received this e-mail, and then suddenly it was there. Oh well.. thanks 
for the help anyway.

Olle Eriksson

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