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Re: gcc-3.2: what happened to libgcc1, libg2c0, binutils

Alexander Sack wrote:

David A. Cobb wrote:

On Tuesday 23 November 2004 00:19, David A. Cobb wrote:
After five months of struggling ( I had connectivity very briefly before an "upgrade" make my whole installation useless and sent me back to the
CD's ), it appears that I need to be able to build the nVidia
kernel-patch with _the_same_version_ of gcc that was used to compile my kernel. I'm using kernel-image-2.4.26, and the nVidia installer reports
this was built with


You surely refer to the official nvidia driver. Why not just try to install the precompiled nvidia module provided in non-free. I am runing that driver without any problems so far.

I hope you mean the NFORCE one - my problem is getting onto the 'net; graphic fanciness is way down on my list. Last time I did that it didn't work, but it is worth trying again.

Another option IMHO would be simply to build your kernel with a new gcc.

Urm. Yes, in fact I was trying that without much success. It still leaves me with the question of just WHAT 'gcc' I can put up that doesn't have a piece missing. Can't someone point out what is broken that critical module(s) are unavailable from at least two "current" compiler package-sets?

And, OBTW, Alexander, please -- what version of the kernel are you running?


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